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'''Kryzys''' is a Poland|Polish rock music band, regarded as a pioneer of Polish punk rock and reggae music.[,75475,7938920,Kryzys__czyli_zalegly_polski_punk.html Gazeta Wyborcza, Kryzys, czyli zaległy polski punk by Robert Sankowski, 27.05.2010] The origins of Kryzys go back to the year 1978, when in Warsaw, a punk rock ensemble ''The Boors'' was created by Robert Brylewski (g., voc.), Piotr Mrowiński (g.), Marek Iwańczuk (bg., later replaced by Ireneusz Wereński) and Kamil Stoor (dr.), who was in January 1980 replaced by Maciej Góralski.[ Kryzys at Digital Library of Polish Song] In May 1979, the band changed the name into ''Kryzys'', which was suggested by Brylewski. Under new name, Kryzys performed at the legendary ''First All-Polish Reviev of the New Wave'', which took place in early August 1980 at...
AliasThe Boors
OriginWarsaw, Poland
GenrePunk rock, New wave music|new wave
Years active1978 - 1981, 2006, 2008 - present
LabelBlitzkrieg Records, Polton, Gold Rock, W Moich Oczach
Associated actsDeuter, Deadlock, Brygada Kryzys
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